Taco Truck Madness Free Demo!

We are coming out with a new game – Taco Truck Madness. But we were being driven crazy by the election so we decided to make our demo reflect the election. Not only do you get to try out the game for free, there are references to the “taco truck on every corner” insanity. We definitely want feedback on the game. So play it and tell us what you think.

For Windows:


For Mac:



Taco Truck Madness is a simple arcade style game where your goal is to get a taco truck on every corner. To do this you will need to avoid obstacles, pick up food along the way, launch the food at enemies, and fill your competitor’s trucks with enough food that they convert to your side.

  • Simple driving controls make it fast to get playing and flinging tacos.
  • You hurl tacos and burritos at ground enemies and quesadillas at attackers from the air.
  • Your truck can jump over things and get a running start to get an even longer jump.
  • Get to your corner and you can sell off any remaining food you have gathered on the level.
  • Amazing music to accompany you the whole way.
  • Plus there are achievements that will bring you back to play it again.

There are banditos, sheriffs and police who will try and stop you. Other food trucks will be dropping food in your path to make you crash. Helicopters and illegal aliens will be trying to attack you from the sky. And sometimes all this is happening at once.

A food fight on wheels. Mindless fun. The best kind.

The release game is targeted at PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV.

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