Crystal Quest Classic is here!

“Crystal Quest cost me some of the best hours of my life. Nice to see it back and nice conversion. It looks, feels, and sounds just the way I remember it.” – Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

Try your hand at one the most challenging and widely played games from the early days of computer gaming. We brought back to life the fast paced arcade action just like the original. In fact, if you played the original, you will find that everything is just as it was. We took the original graphics, the original sounds and translated the original source code so the games plays the same as it did in 1987.

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Crystal Quest Classic includes all 12 of the original nasties and all 40 levels of unique gameplay from the original. And once you get past level 40, you can keep going. When you finish the game, post your initials on the online Hi Score boards for everyone to see. There are boards for the last day, last week, last month and all-time. If you don’t get on the board today, you can come back tomorrow and try again. Play against players from all over the world and see where you rank.

There are bonuses, smart bombs and mines. There are also 12 achievements that you can earn. Some are harder than others.

This is an early game designed by Carmageddon creator Patrick Buckland, with all the art and sound effects just as he created them. And yes, the level exit sound is Patrick.

Now go get it for only $4.99 and start working your way up the Hi Score board. We cannot wait to see your initials up there!

Gameplay Video:

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