Crystal Quest Classic is now available on Amazon!


All hurdles have been cleared and the game is now for sale on Amazon. When you buy the game, they send you a personalized registration code and a link to the PC or Mac version of the game. But the registration code is yours to use on any machine you want. So if you buy the PC version and want to run it on your Mac, you can use the same registration code on both. If you need a link to download the game for the other platform, just email us at and ask for a link.

Crystal Quest Classic is here!


“Crystal Quest cost me some of the best hours of my life. Nice to see it back and nice conversion. It looks, feels, and sounds just the way I remember it.” – Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

Try your hand at one the most challenging and widely played games from the early days of computer gaming. We brought back to life the fast paced arcade action just like the original. In fact, if you played the original, you will find that everything is just as it was. We took the original graphics, the original sounds and translated the original source code so the games plays the same as it did in 1987.

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The Hat Man: Shadow Ward for Sale!!


“This is one of the scariest games I have ever played in a long time! AND I HAVE ONLY PLAYED 9 MINUTES OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Review from Steam

Check out the game. Was $14.99. Now only $4.99 for PC and Mac.

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